Please note, we are currently unable to process any UK driving licences due to Brexit regulations.  We are awaiting updates from the DGT to clarify whether UK licences will be interchangeable in the near future.  In the meantime, you are legally allowed to drive in the Spain with a UK licence until 1st June 2021.

Change to a Spanish driving licence

Our driving licence exchange service is unique to LingoMar customers. It is designed to be as hassle free as possible at the best price. 
In order to proceed with the licence exchange, we need a clear scanned copy of the following documents and then we need to arrange your medical (see information below):  
– Your residency card/certificate or T.I.E. card (both sides)
– Your passport
– An up to date padrón certificate (within 3 months old).  
– We must collect your original licence in order to apply for the Spanish licence.
You can either upload them here OR bring them along to the medical appointment.
*Please be aware that the Spanish licence can take around 6 months to be returned due to the slow nature of the DGT.
Arranging the Medical
It is a compulsory requirement to present a medical certificate for all licence applications. We can book an appointment for you with one of our official medical partners who provide this service. The Doctor’s fee is 50 euros per person and is to be paid at the medical centre on the day.
It will be necessary to take a small photo (a little smaller than passport size) to the medical. It will be used for your new licence.
Please note, it will be necessary for us to collect your original licence to hand it in with your application.
Please do not order another licence from the UK as the exchange process cannot go ahead if you do.  The DGT and DVLA communicate with each other.
The address of our collaborative Medical Centre can be found here:
 *It is the purple building on Avenida de Joan Carles I.
We will meet you at the medical centre to finalise the paperwork and then deliver it to Alicante within 48 hours.
We charge 150 euros per licence which includes all I.V.A, government taxes, administration charges and delivery fees (The fee for the medical is separate as mentioned above).  We have had to increase our price by 10 euros due to a change in policy by the DGT.  This change now makes it compulsory for us to verify your licence with the DVLA in the U.K. and we have to pay for this service.
We assist you every step of the way with getting your new licence. 
Please note that there is currently a backlog of licence applications in the DGT.  Therefore, the applications are taking longer than usual.  Please be patient, we cannot influence the time that the DGT takes to process your application.
LingoMar cannot be held responsible for the actions of the DGT.
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