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Updated 16th October 2020

We have two important updates regarding TIE/Residency applications and Spanish driving licence applications:

Firstly, after careful consideration we have decided to suspend all TIE applications for new clients who are first time applicants.  The two principal reasons for this are that A) Due to the slow and oversaturated nature of the extranjeria (immigration) department at this moment, we cannot be sure that we will be able to get appointments on time to finalise the TIE/Residency application and B) We would like to focus all of our resources on securing residency for our current clients that have applied or are in the process of applying.  To be clear, this suspension of service does NOT affect:

– Clients who have paid for our TIE service and are pending approval or an appointment.

– Clients who have been in correspondence with us regarding the TIE application but have not yet applied.

– Clients who wish to change their current green residency card/certificate for a new TIE card.

We no longer offer the service for clients who have had no previous corresponodence with us regarding the TIE.


Secondly, on a more positive note, after being involved in discussions with the DGT via the National College of Gestores Administrativos, we have received confirmation that we are able to apply for the Spanish driving licence exchange with the confirmation of residency which clients receive after part one of the TIE application.  This means that clients will not need to wait for an appointment or until they have the received the physical TIE card to apply for their Spanish driving licence.  Therefore, we will be able to complete all of our client’s driving licence applications before 31st December 2020.

This news comes in addition the the DGT announcing special measures to streamline driving licence exchanges before 31st December.

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