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To get a work visa for residency in Spain, you must either have a job already established in Spain, in which case your employer needs to apply for an initial permit. 

If you want to open a business, you must show that you have everything in place and register your business plan with the correct authorities (you must also show you are qualified to conduct the business).

If you can prove that you are bringing a new, innovative product or service to Spain then you can apply for an Entrepreneur visa.

If you are a highly qualified professional, you can also apply for a HQW visa.



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Working Visa for Spain for non-EU nationals


Essentially there are 3 types of working visa that can be applied for:

  • Regular work visa
  • Highly qualified worker visa
  • Entrepreneur Visa

 Regular Work Visa

 If you wish to apply for a work visa to come and work within Spain, it will be necessary to apply for this type of visa at the Spanish consulate in your country of original.  This is the same for individuals who wish to work for a company or to be self-employed.

Working as an employee

Two requirements you will need to consider in order to get your work permit in Spain as a worker for a company are the following:

  • You must be outside of Spain in order to apply for this visa, and it will be your employer the one initiating the application procedure.

Your employer submits an application for a work permit to the provincial office of the Ministry of Labor (Delegación Provincial del Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración) on your behalf.

While this is being processed, you get a copy of the application with the stamp from that office and file number. You can send it to the Spanish embassy as part of your visa application. The embassy informs the regional labor office that it has your application and the labor office processes your application.

It can take up to eight months to process a work permit application. Once the labor office approves the work permit, the Embassy issues your work and residence visa.

  • Not every single job offer will be valid. The exact job position must be inside a shortage list that respects the national situation of unemployment in Spain.


Working as self-employed with your own business

 It is possible to apply for a freelancer work visa.  What should you consider?

  • You must carefully prepare and present your business plan to one of the 5 institutions in Spain that are in charge of accepting them
  • You must have the educational qualifications required to realize the specific tasks that your company requires
  • Demonstrating that you will receive enough financing so that your project can run smoothly is also required. This means precisely defining your sources of investment


An Entrepreneur Visa

For individuals whose activity is considered innovative and of special interest to the state.  An example could be a new technology or working in a specific scientific field.


Highly Qualified Person Visa

 This type of visa is available to anyone who is considered highly qualified in their field.  This must be shown via legalized qualifications.


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