What happens if I am involved in road traffic accident?

What happens if I am involved in road traffic accident in Spain?

You should take the following steps:


  1. Make a note of the other vehicle’s registration number
  2. In your vehicle, you should have your insurance documents, with which you’ll find the ‘declaración amistosa’  CLICK HERE TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF THIS DOCUMENT
  3. If both parties agree on whose fault the accident was, complete the ‘declaración amistosa’ form
  4. If there is disagreement, then you should contact the local police or guardia civil to resolve the issue.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHONE NUMBERS OF LOCAL POLICE OR GUARDIA CIVIL in the Marina Alta.



*this article will be updated regularly as changes to the legislation occur and when new information comes to light.  Be sure to check back to see new updates.

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