What documents do I need for my TIE appointment?

Documents for TIE appointment


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 If you have your appointment booked to acquire the TIE card, you’ll need to prepare several documents for submission.   In addition, an immigration official will scan your fingerprints electronically during the appointment.  The necessary documents are listed below:


1) A printed copy of your appointment confirmation.

2) Original passport with a photocopy (the authorities won’t accept photocopies that increase or decrease the size of the passport., it should be the same as the original).

3) Original and copy of padrón certificate (maximum 3 months old).

4) Ex-23 form which you can download HERE.

5) Modelo 790 12 which you can access and complete HERE.  You must tick the box ‘Certificado de registro de residente comunitario o Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de un ciudadano de la Unión’. The fee should be 12 euros and must be paid at a bank before your appointment.  You must show justification of payment (a stamp or payment slip).

6) A recent photograph of yourself that match the specifications of ‘foto carnet’.  This is the standard size card photo in Spain.  Please be sure that the photo is not exactly the same as your passport photo.

7) If you are changing your green residency card for the TIE, then it will be necessary to take your original card with a photocopy.

-If you are applying for residency / a TIE for the first time under the withdrawal agreement rules, you should take your ‘Resolución de concesión’ certificate.



Click here to see the addresses for the Alicante and Valencia extranjería offices.


The appointment only usually takes a few minutes.  You will be given a collection certificate and told to return to collect you TIE card in several weeks.  If you are based in Alicante, you can see which card numbers are ready for collection HERE.

For more info on TIE cards for pre-December 31st residents, see the full guide from the Spanish Ministry of Immigration below.


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Download the full government guide HERE.


LingoMar can also assist you with this process.  Get in touch via the contacts page HERE

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