What are the different categories on a driving licence?

Driving Licence Categories


Non- professional licence

This is the most common licence and includes all categories up to BE.  These include all motorbike licences if you have passed the relevant tests and the standard B licence.  It is also our understanding that you can ride up to a 125cc motorbike/scooter (with some exceptions because of age).

A non-professional licence (category BE) allows the holder to drive a vehicle up to a maximum of 3.5 metric tonnes.  This would be a typical long wheelbase transit van (the type you use to move house).  Most mobile homes are now made to the 3.5 tonne specification as most people have the non-professional licence.

The non-professional licence lasts for 10 years (for people up to 60 years old) and 5 years for people aged 65 and over.

Professional licence

This includes all categories above BE such as C, C1, D1E etc.

This allows the holder to drive much larger vehicles (7.5 metric tonne for example).

The professional categories last for 5 years (up to 60 years old) and 3 years above 60 years old.





*this article will be updated regularly as changes to the legislation occur and when new information comes to light.  Be sure to check back to see new updates.

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