How do I get an international driving licence in Spain (I have a Spanish licence)?

Your Spanish driving license authorizes you to drive within the European Union and the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

You can also circulate with your permission in countries with which there is a bilateral treaty on circulation and transport.

For the rest of the countries you need to obtain an International permit  if you want to drive in them. The international license is accepted in practically every country in the world , and allows you to drive normally as long as it is accompanied by your valid Spanish license.

The international permit is valid for one year. It is a temporary permit, so if you are going to change your residence to another country, you will have to find out there how to proceed to exchange or register your permit according to the rules of your new country.

If you come from another country of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway, and you need an international permit, before requesting your permit in Spain, you will have to register your permit with the DGT .


How do I apply for an international driving licence if I am a Spanish resident?


1. Online , accessing with your digital certificate, electronic ID or your cl @ ve credentials  through our Electronic Registry . Your permit will be available 2 days after making the request. Keep in mind that you must physically go to collect the permit at the headquarters where you request the process. You can do it directly, it is not necessary to request an appointment to collect the permit.

2. In person , by delivering all the documentation to any  Headquarters or Traffic Office . In this case, you need to request an appointment  online  or by calling 060.

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*this article will be updated regularly as changes to the legislation occur and when new information comes to light.  Be sure to check back to see new updates.

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