How do I get a SIP health card?

In order to get a SIP health card and have access to the medical service in Spain, you have to be affiliated the the social security system and be a legal resident in Spain.  This affiliation can be through registering an S1 certificate if you are claiming a state pension, have access to the S1 because of special circumstances such as illness or you are a beneficiary of someone who fits the previous two categories.  In addition, those individuals who are legally working with either a work contract or are autónomo (self employed) have the right to a SIP card while they are still contributing to the social security system.

To get a SIP card, it is necessary to take your social security affiliation certificate, along with your residency, padrón certificate and passport to your local medical centre and you will be issued with your SIP.

If you need a hand with the affiliation certificate or any other part of the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*this article will be updated regularly as changes to the legislation occur and when new information comes to light.  Be sure to check back to see new updates.

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