How do I apply for a T.I.E. appointment?

How do I apply for a T.I.E. appointment?


In order to ask for a TIE appointment, you should following these steps:


Step 1

Access the following website:


Step 2

Choose from the drop down menu the province where you are going to apply for the T.I.E. and press ‘ ACEPTAR’


Step 3

Next to the options for  ‘TRÁMITES CUERPO NACIONAL DE POLICÍA’  select the option:


And press ‘Acceptar’


Step 4

On the next page press ‘ENTRAR’


Step 5

Enter your NIE number and full name and surname in the corresponding boxes, then press ‘ACEPTAR’


Step 6

Click ‘Solicitar Cita’

* If there are no appointments available it will say ‘En este momento no hay citas disponibles.

En breve, la Oficina pondrá a su disposición nuevas citas.’


If there are appointments available, you will proceed to the next page.


Step 7

Choose the relevant office for your province.


Step 8

Enter your mobile number and then your email address twice.  Press ‘Siguente’.


Step 9

Select the appointment date and time that you prefer, then confirm your selection.


Step 10

You will receive a text message to your phone number that you gave in step 8.  ENTER THE CODE in the box at the bottom of the page.  You should also TICK the two boxes at the bottom of the page then click ‘Confirmar’


Step 11

You should print the confirmation document for your appointment.  It should also be emailed to you automatically (this may take a couple of hours).



LingoMar can also assist you with this process if you wish.  If you wish for us to add you to our TIE waiting list, please complete the short form and upload your Padrón certificate HERE

*this article will be updated regularly as changes to the legislation occur and when new information comes to light.  Be sure to check back to see new updates.

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