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We are very excited to offer our members The complete video guide to using the digital certificate in Spain.  Here we look at the benefits of using the video guide, what the guide covers and who it is for:

What are the benefits of accessing the video guide?

Become confident with using the FREE digital certificate as the Spanish Government are moving all of their procedures online.

Save 100’s of Euros on gestor fees, lawyers fees and possible fines.

– Be able to check your personal government records and download work history and healthcare entitlement certificates.

Take control of all of your local tax payments such as IBI, water bills and vehicle road tax.  Access all bills and notifications from your own computer.

See exactly what bills and taxes you are paying and to whom.

+ Many more Benefits

What does the video guide include?

Over 1 hour of exclusive video footage separated into 9 videos which cover everything from preparing your PC or laptop and acquiring the certificate from your local office, to using it at the SUMA, Social Security and Hacienda online offices.

A PDF download to take to your local issuing office

Lifetime access to this video guide

– Priority technical support

The guide contains the following videos:

1) Introduction

2) Preparing your device

3) Acquiring your certificate

4) Installing the certificate on your computer

5)Installing Auto-Firma

6) The SUMA online office (covers Alicante province only)

7) The Social Security online office

8)Hacienda online office

9) Conclusion

In addition, the guide includes a dowloadable application form as well as other side videos to help with the preparation process.

Who is the video guide for?

The guide will be extremely useful for any foreign residents or non-residents in Spain.  Especially those with property or economic interests in Spain.  The video guide is perfect for anyone who:

– Lives or has property in Alicante Province.

– Doesn’t have a great command of Spanish.

– Has basic computer skills and is able to navigate the internet.

-Has a gestor or lawyer but wants to have more control of what they are paying and to who.

– Wants to avoid fines or sanctions for not receiving important notifications.

– Has a PC or Laptop to work on (The digital certificate cannot be activated on a tablet or mobile phone

What does the video guide cost?

The price of the Complete Video Guide to Using the Digital Certificate is:

50 euros + IVA

20 euros + IVA

(Limited time offer)

We are so confident that you will benefit from using the digital certificate that we are offering a 7 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on our video guides.  If the digital certificate doesn’t work on your device, we’ll give you a full refund!

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to this video guide

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